Stephanie Jung

Principal Investigator


Stephanie holds a Diploma in Human Biology (Theoretical Medicine) from Philipps-University Marburg. In the framework of the Helmholtz Postdoctoral Program, she established her research focus on innate immunity, virology, RNA biology and extracellular vesicles. In October 2020, she was appointed junior professor and head of the „Cellular Virology“ working group at the Institute of Cardiovascular Immunology at the Universitätsklinikum Bonn.

Julia Steinberg

PhD candidate

Julia holds a Master’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Christian-Albrechts University to Kiel and started her Ph.D. thesis, embedded in the BIGS Immunosciences and Infection, in 2021. She works on the recognition of Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV) infections by the innate immune system, as well as on the role of Extracellular Vesicles in HDV infection.

Laura Pearson

PhD candidate

Laura studied Human Biology at the Philipps-Universty of Marburg with a focus on Virology. Her Ph.D. thesis, started in April of 2023, is concerned with the roll of Extracellular Vesicles during Hepatits B infections, as well as the innate immunological response to Hepatits B and D co-infections.

Maximilian Feige

PhD candidate

Maximilian obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biochemistry at the Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen. There, he discovered his enthusiasm for immunology and took a special interest in the fields of virology and oncology. In September 2023, he started his Ph.D. project to investigate innate immune responses and antiviral signalling.

Timo Wadenpohl

Technicial assistant


Sven Kohrn

Master student

Sven is currently finishing his Master´s degree in Medical Immunosciences and Infection at the University of Bonn. In his Master´s thesis project he is focussing on the immunomodulatory characteristics of Hepatits B Virus (HBV) during infection.

Former Lab Members

Arwaf Alharbi, October – November 2023, visiting PhD student

Florentine Abel, October – November 2023, lab rotation during bachelor studies

Bianca Broske, Januar – Februar 2023, lab rotation during Master studies

Sven Kohrn, November – December 2022, lab rotation during Master studies

Annika Walter, October 2022 – January 2023, Scientist

Helena Shkuro, April – May 2022, lab rotation during Master studies

Fiona Jacobs, August – December 2021, Student research assistant