Last year one of our publications was accepted just in time for Christmas, this year just in time for the winter solstice … You can now find Timo’s publication on mass purification of EVs at Separation and Purification Technology (Elsevier)! Congratulations to all co-authors, and you really did a great job, Timo!


It’s Christmas market time again … Today the Christmas party of the Institute of Cardiovascular Immunology (including Cellular Virology) takes place at the Christmas market in Bonn.


Good news again – today, Maximilian Feige joins our group as a PhD candidate to study antiviral signaling.


Welcome back! After completing his lab rotation in our group, Sven Kohrn joins us again for his master thesis.


Glad to have you here! The „Cellular Virology“ team is very happy to welcome Laura Pearson as a new PhD student. Laura has already experience with virology and extracellular vesicles and will now study the immunoregulation of the innate immune response in hepatitis virus infection.


Today, not only the article „Many Ways to Communicate-Crosstalk between the HBV-Infected Cell and Its Environment“ by Annika, Maarten and Stephanie is published in Pathogens. This article was also partially included as an entry in the „Encyclopedia“ and selected from 112 articles as the cover article of the January issue of Pathogens!


Another opportunity to celebrate – the „Cellular Virology“ team is getting more research funding. So now, we have a DFG grant to study the innate immune response and antiviral signaling.


It’s not all about RIG-I like receptors and extracellular vesicles – it can also be a Toll-like receptor, sometimes. Today, the „Cellular Virology“ team publishes a paper on the immunomodulatory effects of 2′-O-Ribose-Methylation on TLR7 and TLR8 activation.



Joy again – Today, the „Cellular Virology“ team is really happy to welcome Helena Shkuro for a lab rotation. Great to have you here, Helena!


Good news again: Today, Basti, Stephanie and Ulla are pleased to annouce that their latest paper on the immune response to hepatitis D virus infection has been accepted for publication in cells.


Julia has an oral presentation at the annual meeting of the DGHM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie). „Bacteriophages against Staphylococcus lugdunensis and their inhibitory effect on biofilms.“


People get interested in our method to seperate EVs and HBV:



New Team member in „Cellular Virology“. Today, we officially welcome our new Team member Fiona, who joins us as a Research Assistant. Fiona has already completed her training as a Biological Technical Assistant with Stephanie in Munich and published a method for the separation of EVs and HBV. We are very happy to have you with us now, Fiona!


First publication by the „Cellular Virology“ Team. Congratulations to Julia and Timo for publishing their first paper, studying the generation of an endogenous RIG-I ligand in Influenza A virus-infected cells. You did a great and extremely efficient job, guys!



Now we really are a team – a warm welcome to the two founding members Julia Steinberg (PhD student) and Timo Wadenpohl (technical assistant)!


The Cellular Virology Team starts – initially with one member.